08.31.17Dillon Bonner

I come to see you guys everytime you come to my home town, Daytona Beach. You guys rock. I'd swear I was watching the real Stones. You are deffinatley one of the best if no the best band to come to our anual concert series. Thanks for always coming back to our beatiful town. Looking forward to seeing you guys next year.

11.08.16Brian E.

Hey you guys , I got to experience you all in total ahh. Saturday Nov.6th in spring hill. I'm still bragging yo my buddies. I was just amazed with all your talent. My girlfriend and I were invited to see you by Kim and her girlfriend. I have to say I've seen ALOT of concerts , shows and tribute bands over the years . you guys are absolutely the best . coolest music and the most uncanny showmanship.. I myself am an acoustic guitar player and actually play "dead flowers" often. But anyways if you can remember I'm the cool hippie who was asking for a used guitar pic or pics. Foom you all . I would gladly pay for them .I have an awsome collection of pics I've collected over the years.and would display yours with the up most honor. Can't wait to you're around this area again!!!! I will bring a van load of my buddies to witness the great spectacular sounds of the band known as "THE U.S. STONES" !!!! With all my sincerity "keep in tune" .. Peace. B.T.

11.06.16Garry Svetic

I went to your gig at the Lake House ! You guys were right on! Too bad it was shortened, but what songs you sang, I could have sworn I was listening to the real Stones! Thank-you for a great evening of sheer talent and professionalism! Rock on brothers and sister( that's you Dee. You were amazing also!

11.05.16Teri Nolan

I'm currently sitting here watching u guys perform in spring hill Florida!! So awsome!! Luv u guys!!

08.28.16Kimi Marcus

Wow! Saw you last night at the Bandshell in Daytona! What a great show! Miss Dee!!!
Fan for life!
My husband is a blind guitar teacher, how great to "see" someone in a similar situation live out the dream of being a rock star!
Thank you for a wonderful night!!!
Rock on!

07.20.16Gabe M Collazo

want to see u guys in concert!

06.03.16jennifer eisenmann

Watching you jam at Point Park in Parkersburg, WV


Your show in Mount Dora was so rockin. I enjoyed it immensely, and appreciate your talent. It is no lie that y\'all have the sound and the moves down! Definitely want to see more, and will keep an eye on the schedule. Thank you so much

01.24.16Warren and Linda Schuur

Saw your show in Mt Dora on 1/22.
Loved it. Thanks for the great entertainment. Warren said the Stones were playing in his mind all night.

01.22.16Jessica Alvarez Bell

Hai Guys!
I followed a link from somewhere and stumbled onto yoyr website. I have been a diehard Stones fan for many many years. My very first concert ever I got my parents to force my teenaged brother to take me along with him to see the Stones at the Hollywood Bowl in the summer of 1966. I have been privileged to see them perform live a few more times since then and since youtube came along I have spent countless hours watching Stones videos.
I have to admit I was highly skeptical about a tribute band but was pleasantly surprised when I watched your videos. Yall have it down pretty darn well! Your lead singer especially presents a decent visual of authentic looking Jagger moves and actually sounds very much like the real deal. The guy doing Woody actually looks a lot like the real Ronnie. Your Keith is near spot on of the his younger self.

Anyway, you guys are really good and a lot of fun to watch! If you ever make it to San Diego I will definitely come check you out live.
Do you have a newsletter?
From Jessica in San Diego


I will see you in Mt. Dora, Fl 1/22/16. Can't wait. Do you do Sister Morphine???

11.27.15Barbara Bosha

I have been asked to firnd a "Stones" band that can play a corport e event on January 25 in Orlando Florida. The event is a the JW Marttortt on January 25 at 6PM -11PM My client is very interested in learning you availablity and cost. My office phone # 610-622-4422. I look forward to your response. Thanks.

11.12.15Don Bellezzo, Yesterday - The Las Vegas Beatles Show!

Would like to have Doug Baird call me at (702) 260-4514.

Sincerely, Don Bellezzo


Great band lots of fun hope to see the, agam

10.22.15Kurtis S. August


I am providing sound production for you on October 24th, can you email me a stage plot and or input list.

Thank You.

Kurtis S. August

10.01.15peggy fallon

do you do private parties and what is the rate?
looking for a company Christmas party
thank you

09.30.15aaron rathy

How's it going? I'm a pro wakeboarder, living in orlando FL. I'm working on my next video part, and was wondering if you guys have ever done recordings of Stones songs? I'm trying to get music rights to some of their songs and was hoping I could get the rights to your versions. thanks! Here's a link to my last x games real wake, this video placed 3rd. http://xgames.espn.go.com/xgames/video/13256022/real-wake-aaron-rathy

09.15.15Shawna Nathman


We are producing a charity event for Big Brothers Big Sisters at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood on October 3rd. We are looking for a Mich Jagger Tribute Artist (No Full Band) To sing 3 - 4 songs to track on this date. Are you available? If so please email me your fees.



2 more of my favorites......Manish Boy and Thats How Strong my Love is See ya at the Cottee River Bikefest


take a look at these: Stray cat blues Sway jigsaw puzzle

09.06.15Bill Amick

I would like to hear flight 505 and the song



Saw you in Okdsmar this evening for the first time! Can't wait to see you again!
It was a great show!
My best
Ms. Lannan
Flight Attendant
Southwest Airlines!


testing email

07.25.15Charlie Baltimore

Can I get Keef's number?